A Romantic Weekend Getaway…

What do these four things have in common; Weekend reservations at a really nice hotel; a romantic dinner at a swanky restaurant; a day tour along the bourbon trail; and sightseeing around an old city.

Well…if you’re like me you think it’s a wonderful idea for a romantic weekend getaway. A weekend just for two. No kids, no pets, no responsibilities.  Just the two love birds giving each other their undivided attention.   I’ve been planning this trip for months.  Years actually.  Just me and “that special someone”.

But things don’t always go as we hope for (or plan) and with the gentle reminder of how short life is, I made plans to head to Louisville.

Romantic weekend for one please!


So much has happened over the last four years to really shake my foundation. Feelings of loss, inadequacies, worthiness, strength, confusion; you name it I felt it.  I’ve stumbled, tripped, and picked myself back up. Of course I had a great sounding board/mentor.  But when things came to a head end of 2017, my light bulb went from barely blinking to shining bright.

Life is SO short. Life is precious. Life IS meant to be lived fully until God calls us home. What am I waiting for?

So sorry “that special someone”, I couldn’t wait any longer.

After dropping my pups off at the doggie staycation place I drove the four hours to Louisville. It rained the entire time. I guess the powers that be wanted me to listen to Abraham Hicks instead of having the windows down 🙂 I arrived in Louisville about 3:30 pm Thursday.  Traffic was fine getting into town and the hotel was right off the interstate in down town.

I stayed at the Galt House.  This hotel is HUGE! The hotel seems to be a bit older and had a lot of charm. The hotel staff was pleasant and the room a nice size. The view from my room was part other side of the hotel and part river view.  I chose it because a lot of the things I wanted to do were close to the hotel and me being a responsible adult relished at the thought that I could walk rather than drive (news flash-Louisville is known for their whiskey and bourbon). It’s not a bad hotel (a smidge pricey BUT I was right down town) but consider yourself warned…the bed was extra firm, pillows way too soft, and water pressure in the shower sucks (and not in a fun, good way).

Thursday night I had reservations at Jeff and Ruby’s Steakhouse.  The restaurant is attached to the hotel but a bit confusing to get to. Thankfully one of the hotel staff pointed my in the right direction.  I LOVED the decor of the restaurant. Had I not been so nervous (social anxiety) I would have stayed longer.  I was promptly seated and moments later my waiter (John) arrived to welcome me.  I mentioned that it was the first time being there and he kindly gave me the run down and went over menu with me.  I had looked at the menu prior to going (in an attempt to keep my nerves calmer) and wanted to try a warm cider whiskey drink but it was no longer available. So I ordered the tried and true Long Island Ice Tea; it did NOT disappoint.

While waiting for John to come back I observed my surroundings. Again, I can not express well enough just how charming this restaurant is.  It is decorated with the speak easy theme. Lighting was just perfect- a touch of romance without leaving you guessing where your glass was. What a great place for a romantic date!!  I ordered Oyster Rockefeller, Filet Mignon, Petite Lobster, and Asparagus. It was DELICIOUS! Pricey, but delicious. And I’m worth it! As a bonus I did see my future self and “that special someone” and that warmed my heart (they held hands walking in, sat next to each other at the table, and she wrapped her arm over his shoulder at the table. She drank whiskey, him wine)!

Friday’s agenda was the Mint Julep Tours bourbon trail bus tour. The tour took off from the hotel. Mindy was our guide and Tracy was our bus driver. Mindy was very knowledgeable and shared some wonderful stories while Tracy was a great driver and made sure our buzzed butts made it everywhere safely! 🙂  We stopped at Barton’s Distillery, a cute lil restaurant in Bardstown (sorry-I don’t remember the name but the gals there are super sweet and is located near My Old Kentucky Home), Limestone Distillery, and Maker’s Mark Distillery.  Barton’s has some WONDERFUL Chocolate Bourbon Ball that you can only get from there (needless to say I WILL go back for that); Limestone had a GREAT guide (think Forest Gump meets Matthew Mcconaughey); and Maker’s Mark had a beautiful establishment (their guide was good but NO comparison to Limestone’s guide).

Saturday’s agenda was a free for all. As a solo tourist I don’t recommend free for all’s. There are a LOT of distillery’s on Main, with scheduled tour times that you need tickets for, that sell out quickly. After walking around for a bit I stopped in at Art Eatables to buy some bourbon truffles (OMG SO GOOD) and the guys there recommended Bristol Bar & Grille for a bite to eat. I had a wonderful omelet followed by a delightful piece of Derby Pie. After chatting with waiter about things to do, I opted to try the Evans Williams Experience since it was right there. What a wonderful experience! Informative, fun (and the bourbons weren’t bad either!!) and in a prohibition style pub!

While my romantic weekend wasn’t “ideal”, I did have fun.  I was able to mark a few things off my “that sounds like fun” list and able to acknowledge emotions bottled up at the moments they hit. I left Louisville not only embracing who I am, but who I am becoming.  Not surprising (as mom would say) I not only love her but see a bright, wonderful, adventurous future with her.

And THAT excites me!

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