Life is funny…

Life is funny you know…

just as you pick yourself up

and dust off


I pray that my brothers tumor is an “easy fix”….The doctors are optimistic that all will be fine. I pray that all IS fine and that I don’t have to grieve another life lost to cancer.

Remember folks, life is short.   Say what you gotta say, do what you gotta do.  Live with as few regrets as possible.  I really have no regrets (unless it has to do with Mr. Friendly LOL). I am who I am. From the things I’ve experienced, by the choices I’ve made, by the outcomes of the things I’ve done. They have all made me who I am.

And I am a wonderful person despite my errors. Despite my flaws. I AM deserving of great things-even love.

Sure I’ve made my share of mistakes. And I’ve asked for forgiveness where needed.  And recently I forgave myself. My mistakes, my life experiences…they don’t define me. They’ve molded me and are helping me to be the best version of myself that I can be.

And I will no longer apologize for who I am.

Love me or leave me I don’t care. I love ME. That matters!


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