About Victoria


Life….Life IS good!

After years of living with emotional incompetence (filled with anxiety, fear, and self doubt) I’m attempting to live, learn, accept, move on from my non confidence boasting tendencies.  I want to be the best I can; leave the world a better place!

So off I go in search of answers to the million dollar questions. What makes me tick (and why)? Should I accept those ticks or work on releasing them? What makes me happy? And why not me?

More about me:

Life is way too short (and precious) to settle; moving way too fast to hold on to baggage that weighs a person down (and helps to hold them back)! Time to “let go” and move on. Meditation (which comes in various forms) and walking/jogging is crucial to my survival and I’m the only one that can truly make ME happy.

I prefer to try things at least once (as long as it’s legal) before saying whether I like it or not. I am the artist/creative type, have a great imagination, and also incredibly nosy. During the winter time I enjoy doing family history research (nothing like a warm mug of tea, a blanket and two pugs on your lap, tapping away on the laptop while it’s snowing outside!!). While exciting it can also be a lil depressing. So many family members we missed knowing for reasons only known to our parents! Researching Falcone, Rhodes, Manogue, Honer surnames from the East Coast (Philadelphia Area).

I can be contacted at victoria7870@aol.com

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